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Yes, it does take some time to get in, but we believe anything that is precious, requires time and thought.” :)

At Studio Palermo, we do custom tattoo designs, so each one requires our evaluation from start to finish. This means that we do not offer walk-in service.

If you want to set up an appointment for a consultation, please send your idea in by post; and then we will call you after we review it.


Contact details: telephone number, name, address, email address.
Size: What is the size of the tattoo (i.e. the height in cm)?
Placement: Indicate where you want the tattoo placed (i.e. Upper arm? Wrist? Ankle?).
Description: Provide us a clear description of your tattoo design.
References: Include pictures, inspiration, and theme.
Style: Indicate the style you prefer (i.e. lines, shading, realistic, geometric, combination of different styles, etc.).
TIP: check out Sven’s portfolio online and tell us which style you find appealing. ︎
For portrait tattoos: include high quality copy of the photograph (please do not send the original pictures!) and preferably several of different photos for us to choose the best from!
If you live abroad, please let us know when you are travelling to Antwerp. We are proud to be servicing customers from all over the world. Please note since there is a waiting list, you need to contact us at least 4 months ahead.

Send your idea in a letter or package to our postal address below:

Studio Palermo
Lange Nieuwstraat 63
2000 Antwerp

Take a moment and prepare a nice letter and post it over. We are really looking forward to receiving your letter, the classic way! We read and respond to every letter. If you don`t get a response within a month after posting it, you may then call us during the designated times to make sure everything is in order.

NOTE: After the in-person consultation, there is a waiting period of up to 6 months.  

If you have QUESTIONS or require more information, after reading over the appointment information or FAQ, then you may give us a ring.


Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 till 16:00
+32 (0) 34 30 66 55

Please note during this telephone call we do not make appointments for getting a tattoo. We have set aside this time to answer questions that you might have, because we want to devote real time to your query. During the other times, we are happily engaged with our customers who are getting their tattoos done.


1→You send in your idea via post.
2→We open your letter and review your idea.
3→We call you to set-up a consultation meeting at the studio.
4Consultation day! We finally meet you in person. Together we work through the concept, develop and refine your idea, figure out composition, proportion, and measurements. Please come prepared for an in-dept conversation. Bring your pictures (if you didn’t send them allready) and your sources of inspiration. Let us know if anything has changed since you sent in your package.
5→We set-up a date for your tattoo appointment. Bring your agenda along and let’s pencil in a perfect day.
6→Sven creates and customizes the design. You chill, we work.
7Tattoo day! You see your design. Hurrah! Next, we adjust it to your body, check proportions and make any necessary modifications. We take all the time that is needed to get everything just right. Then it is time to tattoo. Let`s get it done.


If you are a returning customer, please note that you do not have to send in a letter with your idea. You can contact us directly during the set call times for a consultation appointment.


Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 till 16:00
+32 (0) 34 30 66 55


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