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Studio Palermo is an exclusive tattoo shop in the city centre of Antwerp, in Belgium. With us, you can get the most beautiful tattoos, perfectly placed on your body. When you have an affinity for imaginative and intricate iconography in the form of a tattoo that suits you, then you are at the right place with us.

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When you adore the idea of an exclusive tattoo on your body, you have to come to our tattoo shop in Antwerp. Go to our appointment page and find a detailed information sheet about how to send your idea to us, so we can create the tattoo of your dreams. Contact us if you have any further questions.

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Send us a nice letter at:

Studio Palermo
Lange Nieuwstraat 63
2000 Antwerp

Take a moment and prepare a nice letter and post it over. We are really looking forward to receiving your letter, the classic way! We read and respond to every letter. If you don't get a response within a month after posting it, you may then call us during the designated times to make sure everything is in order.

+32 (0)34 30 66 55

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